This 8 "cleaning methods" were all relied on for the cleaning before the Spring Festival!

2019-12-23 16:20

For women with both career and family, the pressure at the end of the year is really great. The author is a person who comes here. He is tired enough to go to work at ordinary times. There is also a "love to build" child at home. He is a "lazy" husband who slumps on the sofa at home. He is helpless! After a hard day's work, I have to take care of the housework when I come back from work. Everyone must think I'm exhausted. In fact, I didn't share the 8 household cleaning tips with you. At the beginning, I also studied with the home blogger @ anticlockwise. I found that housework was no longer a burden!

It's suggested that you collect this article and clean it up years ago, relying on these eight "cleaning methods", which is very simple to say, mainly relying on these eight "small artifact". Although the investment is very small, it can make our cleaning efficiency double with half the effort! (original image: part from blogger @ anticlockwise)

1、 Oxygenin

Key words: kitchen, washing anything

The full name of this product is "multi-functional washing oxygen particles". I used it once two years ago, and then bought it back indefinitely. If all kinds of cleaning products are compared to "three thousand beauties in the harem", then oxygen purification is a worthy "Queen".

How much cattle does it have? It can be used for washing pots, lampblack machines, gas stoves, tea stains and dishcloth for cups, washing machines, toilets and tiles The main ingredient is sodium peroxycarbonate, which will not leave harmful substances and cause cancer. It can be used with water at a concentration that meets the requirements and will not harm the skin, so it is very safe. When it is used, it can also absorb carbon dioxide in the air, form sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and release oxygen. It is safe and harmless, and even can properly improve the air.

2、 Rabbit power glue stain treasure

Key words: glue stains, small advertisements

Before talking about the effect, look at the following three pictures.

In home life, these glue stains are very common, such as the small advertising glue stains on some doors, the main materials for decoration, the remaining label glue stains on furniture, and some chewing gum and lipstick prints accidentally stuck on pants.

After using this glue stain treasure, you can clean it with half the effort, which is really convenient.

I feel that the heavy housework is no longer a burden.

3、 Mildew gel

Key words: mould, bacteriostasis

In the home life, the kitchen and bathroom are the most prone areas to produce black mold and mildew, especially for Southern families, the mildew situation in these two locations may be more serious. The common way to get rid of mould is to spray with "reducing agent" or brush it off physically. It looks like the mould blackboard is gone, but the invisible mycorrhiza is still there. It won't be long before the mildew continues.

It's half the effort to use this gel. Smear it on the mould and keep it still for 8-12 hours. At this time, it will penetrate into the roots of molds layer by layer, which is equivalent to pulling up the roots of these molds, playing the role of sterilization and bacteriostasis. After using it to remove mould, it will be more difficult to produce mould in the future. It's too practical.

4、 Scale cleaner

Key words: scale

In some areas with poor water quality, the faucet in the home is easy to accumulate some yellow scale, which is not beautiful and easy to clean. Mistolin scale cleaner, spray it on the dirty faucet, leave it for five minutes, then wipe it, and the faucet will be as bright as new, as if it has been polished. Like the table, shower room glass, shower room floor and other areas, you can use it to remove scale, convenient and easy to use!

5、 Heavy oil cleaner

We can use oxygen to clean the oil stains on the stove every day, but there are many domestic stoves that will not be cleaned every day after they are used. The heavy oil stains will form over time. It is really difficult to remove them with ordinary cleaning products. At this time, spray Kao heavy oil detergent directly on the dirty lampblack machine. Leave it for 15 minutes and wipe it with a paper towel to witness the miracle moment! Super clean "with wood".

6、 Electrostatic precipitator paper

Key words: dedusting, time saving

Also known as "electrostatic mop", this electrostatic paper looks more like a package of wet paper towels from the appearance. When using it, you need to take out a piece of it and install it on the flat mop head as shown in the figure above. Its main function is to use it for "mopping", but it is more convenient than general mopping tools.

Let's talk about the common floor cleaning methods first: 1. Sweep the floor with a broom 1-2 times. 2. Mop the floor with a wet mop again. 3. Mop the floor again with a dry mop. 4. Clean the mop. You can imagine how tiring it is to clean the ground in an ordinary way. If the house is large, it's enough to clean the ground.

Although we can use sweepers, mops and other high-end products, we still need to clean the dead area by hand.

In fact, just use this electrostatic precipitator paper, it can directly start to mop the floor without sweeping the floor. At the same time, it absorbs all kinds of dust, hair and slag on the ground. The floor can be cleaned at one time. After use, remove the dirty dust removal paper and directly throw it into the garbage can.

Degradable materials do not pollute the environment, convenient and sanitary, great! The key is that the price is still super cheap, buy electrostatic precipitator paper and send a special mop head, it's really cost-effective. (pay attention to the steps in the manual when using, so as to ensure the effectiveness)

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